Business Translation

No doubt, efficient communication is the key to company success. When you are working with foreign clients and partners, you obviously need translation services for business quite often. This is the best way to be sure that your business communication will be flawless and successful.

Work with Business Translation Agency:

Well, working with a translation company is the ideal choice for your business. Therefore, you might expect that you’ll get a quality translation, with no mistakes. There’s a need to make detailed research before choosing a business translation company. You ought to work with a reliable translation agency that comes with a high profile. Otherwise, you might encounter some serious problems with your business partners. Whenever you’re looking for a business translation, we do our best job to provide you with a significant business translation service at affordable prices.

Did You Know!

Nowadays, communication becomes much easier, and even successful businesses are no longer confined by the borders of their local markets. Well, the growing tendency for a global expansion comes with imperative requirements for professional business translation services. These services will help to facilitate communication with international stakeholders, and even adapt business content to new markets and different cultures. These days, business translation and localization services are seen as the communicative power that lets your business message travel throughout the globe.

Get the Professional Business Translation Services:

No matter whether you’re a giant multinational brand that already approaches a global client base or a simple and small business with global expansion aspirations, finding the best business translation services is your role. You should look at all recent success stories around you and figure out how these people managed to localize their businesses to resonate with diverse audiences in distant locations. However, your projects are never indicated to go global unless you become a partner with the right business translation service provider – which assists you to boost your sales, communicate better, and manage your daily smoothly and efficiently beyond borders.

Expertise you get from trained linguists:

If you ever use professional business translation services, you better know working with trained linguists does matter. Apart from studying languages, the individuals handling your texts have studied translation. They also have an idea of how to deal with those cultural issues and words with multiple meanings that Google translator can’t handle. Also, the fact is that your professional business translator is qualified, which even indicates that they are faster than someone doing your translation in their spare time.

Additionally, they may use the best business translation software to assist them to work faster and even ensure consistency. For ease, you could hire alahlytranslation that 24 hours a day and 7 days a week available for you to provide you the best business translation services.

Why Alahly translation?

Translating your business goals in the respective languages is something that assists businesses in building stronger relationships and brand presence. But, how to find the best and authentic business translating services? Quit worrying, the Alahly Translation agency is one of the best translations agencies, which delivers end-to-end quality and authentic translation services with utmost professionalism. The upside of our translation services is that we have a dedicated team of translators who better understand the needs of the business and even translate the content, which entirely depends on the requirements.

Types of Business Translation Services:

You can find the different types of language solutions that fulfill different business needs. In fact, the certain business includes managerial, financial, legal, and promotional activities. Remember that business translation services may vary to cover each and every aspect of the business. The given business translation services work corresponding to your business needs.

Business Document Translation:

Document translation is referred to as the typical type of business translation services, and even it is entirely concerned with the translation of any business-related documents – which includes financial & even administrative reports, to marketing and communication papers. When it comes to multinational businesses, the business translations are the constant thing as they file their official documents, regularize their work environments, or even communicate with their clients. Document translations involve:

  • Business plans
  • Legal contract
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Financial reports
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Corporate communications
  • Bylaws
  • Policy and employee manuals
  • Patents
  • Advertising and marketing materials
  • Emails
  • And, much more
Website Localization:

Besides paperwork, business translation is the thing that really does with the digital presence of global companies through website localization services. Your website is the specific way that helps your business to recognize new markets. Experts depicted that website localization services widen your expansion horizons and even deliver your original business message in multiple languages to distant target markets. Usually, this type of business translation extends widely from the language translation of the site content entirely to the trans-creation of its visuals to suit the newly targeted culture.

Increase the Efficiency of Communication:

In fact, with the increasing globalization, your organization will begin dealing with foreign partners and clients. Business translation services are simple, but the best option to help communicate with these clients. The impeccable translation is the thing that entirely reflects the significant work ethic and even prevents a business’ reputation from being damaged or losing money.

Market Adaption and Increase Global Reach:

 Every business always includes the motive of targeting various local groups. Business translation services can help you in the field of native language that can simply prove beneficial in successfully adapting marketing materials to these target groups. Global translation services, international translators as well as business language translators are referred to as the best way, which can prove incredibly helpful to expanding the global reach of your company.

Provide Editing and Proofreading:

Business translation services are the approach that straight-forwardly indicates all the documents are perfectly translated by a professional translator who usually is a native speaker – and that’s the reason why fluent and even becomes well vs (versed) with the local idioms, maxims, and articulation of the language.

Software and App Localization:

Nowadays, the chances become high that you adopt a digital business model, which is entirely based on an integrated software or comprehensive digital platform. In this scenario, expanding into new markets necessitates, even a holistic set of technical and linguistic changes is crucial to meet the needs of your target audience. Alahly translation is the best platform that has a dedicated software localization that involves development engineers and professional translators with technical backgrounds. Additionally, we figure out all the technical and testing functions needed to get the best outcomes.

Business Conference Interpretation:

Recently, global firms are prone to the barriers of effective and fruitful communication in the mega-industry events and even business conferences and meetings. Well, the flow of understanding in such gatherings helps to build strong relationships with new stakeholders and even leads to fruitful outcomes on various levels. Business conference interpretation is referred to as an additional business language solution that Alahly translation provides you with across physical face-to-face, over-the-phone, or video-remote interpretation services. A well-trained and highly-qualified interpreter translates your speech accurately and instantaneously which would definitely reap numerous benefits to your business.

Voice-Over and Subtitling:

Being a part of your brand localization efforts, you ought to come up with new promotional videos or even re-create your original ones. Voice-over and subtitling are referred to as the two language solutions that our business translation services offer for businesses. You should record your message in the language of your targeted audience, or at least displaying it for the influential marketing technique. We have a large pool of translators who have been in the translating business since years ago.

This is Why Your Business Translation is Important:

No doubt, business communication with different countries demands expertise as well as precision. Here we are going to elaborate few reasons why it is essential to use business translation:

Better communication with customers:

If your business calls for communicating directly with your clients, there you find that many individuals do not speak in English. You ought to market your products to a much wider spectrum of audience if you could speak to them in their language.

Enhance brand visibility:

You can find several abilities that serve as a basis for the company’s brand potential. To reach out to more and more people with your brand, you should cross the barrier of language to build an image in the global market and even that is possible only with the business translation service.

Healthcare business can get a huge benefit:

No doubt that healthcare units have to deal with a lot of patients who come from various other countries. There are also many doctors across the globe busy reaching. However, language should never be an impediment in medical research or even a patient’s treatment. In fact, professional medical translators play their aces in translating the medical documents, which will assist the doctors who are more comfortable studying in the language they choose.

More job opportunities:

Many individuals are highly passionate about learning different languages around all over the globe. Nothing can become better if they can learn and even earn at the same time. The business industry hires translators and interpreters not only to ease their business communication with various countries but also for marketing and project coordination.

Drafting legal documents:

Remember that gripping on the legal documents itself is a daunting task and if it’s in a different language, then it gets all the more complicated! If a single slip off, the meaning of the sentence will entirely change. Business translation is thing that is referred to as the best, accurate, and easy way for interpreting legal documents, which are aligned to the professional needs of lawyers, judges, court, stenographers, attorneys, and several other legal professionals.

Popular Languages For Business Translation:

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Simplified Chinese:

It is referred to as the official written language in China, while Mandarin is the spoken dialect. So, for all your written content, you have to translate it into Simplified Chinese. When you need a translator, you ought to look for a Mandarin specialist.

The research found that one-fifth of internet users speak Chinese, this is why it becomes one of the most popular languages for business translation. In fact, China is indicated as the second-largest economy in the world, which is the thing that makes Chinese a useful language for creating new business opportunities.


Spanish is referred to as the second most spoken language around the globe, after Chinese, and even the next most popular language for business translation.

Translating into Spanish will increase your chances to reach over 500 million people around the countries from Europe and Latin America. Remember that speech and vocabulary vary from region to region and country to country – so, you should have localization for each country that you’re planning to expand to, it is the way that helps to get the most out of your business translation.

It is revealed that Spanish-speaking countries provide you with a wide range of business opportunities, especially in the terms of economic growth. Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, and Peru are all on the list of the top 50 countries in the world with the highest GDPs. Nowadays, around 10% of all web content is in Spanish. So, get our business translation services to translate your business profile into the language of your choices.


Arabic is said to be the seventh most popular language online, it really comes with a growing number of internet users. Well, around 46 million individuals search the internet for the Arabic language only. Even It is found that Google has developed different domains and integrated language options for 15 Arabic countries. It is found that 280 million people speak Arabic in 28 countries. Well, ignoring this famous language indicates fewer chances to conquer a market, which will reach about $20 billion in e-commerce by 2020. However, the Arabic language remains less popular for business translation because of its character.

Portuguese (Brazilian):

In fact, in 2016, the Olympic Games shifted attention to Brazil at a great extent level; it is referred to as a country with high economic potential and one of the most popular languages. Apart from three years of recession and high rates of unemployment, the country’s economy is finally showing signs of recovery.

Brazil comes with the largest internet market in Latin America, with around 140 million internet users. By 2021, Brazil will entirely reach an internet penetration rate of 61 %. It is depicted that businesses that invest in localization for this country will reach even higher audiences in the following years.

Indonesian (Malay):

When it comes to about most popular languages, you probably didn’t consider Indonesian, which is referred to as a version of Malay and the official language of Indonesia. Even if the local population speaks over 700 living languages, Indonesian is the only indicated language that is recognized officially and even used in administration, commerce, and media.

Indonesia is packed with an attractive market for digital marketers, even with over 150 million internet users. This country has essential internet consumers who indulge with a passion for social media, especially Facebook – which adds importance to Malay as one of the most popular languages.

It is said that content marketing in Indonesia provides important growth opportunities, so Indonesia has a great chance of becoming even more popular among languages for business translation. In 2016, you can see that the -commerce market in Indonesia reached $5.6 billion.


Only stick to China, businesses usually forget about localizing for Japan, but Japan still makes the list of the most popular languages. If you are deciding to expand in Asia, you can’t miss this market opportunity. In 2015, Japan registered 77 million digital buyers and even retail e-commerce sales are steadily growing.

Between the advantages in terms of digital marketing, it is considered that over 90 percent of Japan’s population is urban. People of Japan like shopping with their smartphones and are fond of Western products. When it comes to ROI, translating into Japanese is referred to as the most popular language and even most profitable.

Even, 99 % of the Japanese population doesn’t speak English. So, if you require to engage with a Japanese audience, you need to stick with the localization. Give a try to our business translation service that helps you in doing so right now at affordable prices.

In fact, this is a language that has several writing systems and complex grammar that lead to higher costs because Japanese is hard to translate into.


The Russian language is the official language in Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan that we mentioned in the next on the list of the most popular languages, which takes place in business translation. However, translating into this language leads up to people from more than these four countries since Russian is in high demand in Eastern Europe. So, by translating into Russian, you will even reach audiences in Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Ukraine, Estonia, Armenia, Bulgaria, Finland, and Georgia.

The research found that about 109 million internet users speak Russian. You can find that many of them have a basic knowledge of English. In alone Russia, around 30 million individuals shop online and e-commerce is thriving.

Recently, Russians prefer different online local online stores, and the Chinese websites are gaining in popularity. However, the Russian online market will remain an opportunity for foreigners, specifically if they sell smartphones, tablets, computers, household appliances, footwear, electronic devices, goods for children, cosmetics, perfumes, and furniture.


French is another most popular language for business translation; it is a well-known official language in countries with strong economies. If your site speaks French, you will reach audiences in France, even the parts of Canada, Monaco, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and parts of the Caribbean.

In a Nut-Shell:

We conclude that if you think about your business when it comes to choosing a translator for your documents, you should make sure that your business translation agency is packed with legitimate expertise in the language, law, field, and culture of your target audience.

An Alahly translation is the best business translation service provider that can satisfy all your translating needs. We have many professional translators and with native fluency in many languages, we are among the most logical choices when you people are searching for professional business translation solutions. Our team will make sure that you obviously get the best value for your money and get successful outcomes.

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