Legal Translation

When you need to take your business to other parts of the world, drawing up legal contracts is a must thing. Although it may not be crucial that you should be proficient in the official language of the new place “you just ought to make sure that there are absolutely no errors in your legal document translation services. This is where a professional legal translation Company in Dubai is one of the top certified translation services company in UAE and globally as well. We provide you with the most reliable legal translation services in DUBAI who not only offer first-class certified best document translation services in JLT DUBAI & Worldwide.

What is a Legal Translation?

Legal translation is referred to as the transference of written information within the legal system from one language to another. Legal translation services are complex as judiciary systems differ greatly from one country to another. The Alahly translation is an authorized platform that has experienced legal translators in Dubai, which do their best to delivers you high-quality legal document translation services in Abu Dhabi & around the globe. Hire our professional legal translators in Dubai for the best legal translation services UAE as they have a thorough knowledge of the intricate details of the pertaining legal system. The Dubai translation experts assure that all the requirements of the system are diligently met.

We come with legal translation services in the legal field at an affordable price range. From our extensive network of language professionals, we pair you with professional legal translators in Dubai those are:

Native to the language that you are targeting

An expert in the law field that you involve

Also, they certified to work in the court of law

Professional Legal Translation Company in Dubai:

If you are seeking Legal Translation UAE services right now, we are the best company for legal translation in DubaiAlahly translation is the optimum and best translation company in Dubai to obtain legal translation services in Dubai. Our Translation Company Dubai is specifically recognized for its quality translation and professional renderings. Since the establishment, we have been highly committed to delivering clients with state-of-the-art linguistic services in Dubai as well as the United Arab Alahly.

Legal Translation UAE is the source that hands-on experience secured a prestigious position for the company among the best legal translation services in Dubai. We are always here to provide high standards, optimum quality, and reliable legal translation in JLT, Dubai, and around the globe as we are the best professional legal translation Company in Dubai. Whatever reasons are behind the legal translation in Dubai you have, you just contact us for Professional Legal Translation services at affordable rates.

Legal translation in the hand of Professionals:

Alahly translation is a well certified legal translation company in Dubai, UAE. Our Legal Translation UAE has fully obtained the accreditation and notarization of the UAE Ministry of Justice. Quit worrying, our professional legal translation Company in Dubai is certified to all the governmental entities, embassies, and courts in the United Arab Emirates.

We ensure you provide professional Arabic translation services, other language legal translation services to several companies, law firms, and others in Dubai and UAE. Our Dubai translation experts have a strong portfolio since they work with numerous leading consulting companies, banks, PR Companies, Training firms, software companies, and so on.

We are the best legal translation company in Abu Dhabi and all around the DUBAI and assist individuals who are seeking to translate their papers and documents in Arabic.

Legal Document translation in Dubai is crucial in particularly legal documents as the legal translator Dubai should beware of all the “court laws, even the regulations – apart from that, the judicial procedures that recognized in all over DUBAI, UAE.” Well, Alahly translation is the best company for legal translation in Dubai and UAE since they never compromise on the client’s legal translation requirements.

Remember that professional translation company DUBAI assists your organization to break the barriers of the language. It doesn’t matter whether your need involves a legal document translation service or driving license translation UAE our Dubai translation experts take care of all your requirements.

Quality Legal Translation Services by Experts:

Our high-quality legal document translation services in Abu Dhabi are done by experienced professionals in the legal field. Our translation company in Abu Dhabi is familiar with the terminology, format, and structure of legal documents. Get the quality translation in Abu Dhabi as our legal translators have a better idea about preparation, presentation, and submission to various jurisdictions. Our legal translation experts understand the nuances and subtleties of specific terms, which entirely ensure that the legal translation services they deliver are 100% accurate and certifiable. The team of our translation agency in Dubai is trained in the confidentiality requirements in legal translation and even processes all the documents with the highest levels of discretion and security.

Professional Legal Translation Services In Dubai:

The patent thing that our legal translation services indulge in is that to understand the document thoroughly. Yes, our professional legal translators clarify any queries that come concerning the terminologies and concepts before beginning the actual translation. Well, once the translation is completed by our legal Translation Company Dubai, every single document goes through a rigorous process of proofreading to check for errors or even the missing details if any. Additionally, our team indulges with any revisions that are asked by our client and even makes sure the client is absolutely satisfied with our service.

Well, if you would like to know more about legal translation services in DUBAI or our legal translation fees, don’t hesitate to contact us right now! Yes, legal translation JLT, DUBAI are always happy to serve you, whatever may be your requirement.

Advantages of Certified Translations in Dubai:

The legal translation experts of Alahly Translation Company are certified by UAE Ministry of Justice, notary, and courts. We assure you that our language service providers perfectly master the source and target languages and even have a full understanding of the subject dealt with within the text. Our legal translators should adapt their work to the type of the given document and the level of the language required corresponding to the translation recipient. Precision and excellence are the strength of the legal translation company of Dubai. We provide you the best document translation services that ensure you get high-quality outcomes according to your legal translation needs.  We do our best to understand your needs and even provide you the best assistance in your project.

We are one of the remarkable certified legal translation company’s around Dubai. Our team indulges to fulfill your needs for the certified translations for legal documents. If you are looking for certified legal translators in Dubai, the Alahly Translation is the final spot for your certified translation needs.

Remember that certified translators should have at least a bachelor’s degree in translation or an equivalent, and even be perfectly proficient in both the source and target languages they work in. And the good news is that our certified translators have each one!

Legal Translation in JLT, Dubai, UAE:

When it comes to legal translation nearby the Dubai-JLT region, we provide you with reliable legal translation in JLT. We are the best legal translation JLT since we give your legal translation services in over 150 globally spoken languages. If you are looking for the best legal translation in JLT Dubai, you must demand our translation services as we deliver you Arabic to English legal translation as well as English to Arabic, and even the translation to and from various other languages.

Legal translation services in JLT Dubai Are Best For:

Read on!

Top-quality work:

Remember that only the final, error-proofed, legal translated document will reach the client. At Alahly legal translation JLT, we really pride ourselves in the translation we offer and so, always aim to fulfill your needs of legal translation. Quality work is our priority; our legal translation experts are consistent, young, and energetic to provide you the best results. All our linguists and legal translators have established professionals who come up with accurate translations each time.

Best price:

We are the best legal translation in JLT Dubai, we don’t over-charge our customers, and we even maintain very high quality. Our Legal Translation UAE services prices are affordable; you can compare legal translation services prices with anyone in the same job as ours. Our legal translation company assures you the top quality in the shortest possible time at the best price.

Translation in 150+ languages:

Well, our legal Translation Company Dubai not only translates various types of documents; they also translate them into all the major globally spoken languages.

No delays:

Alahly translation is referred to as the best company for legal translation in Dubai, we have an idea about a hastily called meeting, or maybe some court dates have gone awry and you need urgent assistance, well our legal translation experts are there 24/7 for you, there’s no delay at all!

Best Legal Translation Services in Dubai, UAE:

Legal translation UAE comes up with a team of legal translation professionals who understand the terminology of legal systems around the globe. Our Legal translation firm UAE works with professional legal translation experts who native to the language that you’re going to target, and even an expert in your field of law.

Our Legal Translation Company Dubai Delivers Legal Translation Services:

  • Our legal translators provide you with:
  • Legal document translations
  • Annual Reviews
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Case Files
  • Contracts
  • Certified legal translations
  • Corporate Bylaws
  • Depositions
  • Evidentiary and Financial Documents
  • Divorce Decrees/Agreements
  • Judicial Proceedings
  • Civil lawsuit translations
  • Lease/Rental Agreements
  • Marriage Certificates/Agreements
  • Patents and Related Intellectual Property
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Wills/Probate Documents
  • Our Legal Translators Are the Best in Dubai:

Yes, our legal translation experts are hand-picked and come with vast experience in the legal translation services field. They all have proven linguistic proficiency, and even our editors are professionally qualified to scan legal papers to spot errors

We are well-known for our exclusivity with legal translation services in Dubai, since our legal translators work with elite clients and also deal with some crucial documents around the world

The Translation Company Dubai is also certified by the government of UAE to provide you with a stamp of a notary to all translated documents. It indicates that our legal translated documents will be accepted by all government and even the judicial departments as official documents

Legal translations are highly sensitive in Dubai:

It doesn’t matter whether you’re getting testimony translated or translating legal documents for the court of law, legal documents are the thing that has to be translated following the highest standards.  This is all because they are submitted to institutions that insist on quality and credibility.

This is the reason why legal translations are not assigned to any legal translation agencies, but only to the most reliable legal translation company that has all the legal knowledge. However, the legal translation is to be submitted to legal institutes and the translation will obviously have to clear the scrutiny of that institute.

Our legal translation company always uses two legal translators for each project, the first one translates the document and the second efficiently edits and proofreads the translation.

Legal Translation Company UAE Masters of Legal Language:

At Alahly Translation, our legal translators will regularly translate legal documents and texts in different languages, including all European and Asian languages.

  • European Language such as:
  • Albanian Translation Services
  • Bosnian Translation Services
  • Czech Translation Services
  • Danish Translation Services
  • Dutch Translation Services
  • Finnish Translation Services
  • French Translation Services
  • German Translation Services
  • Greek Translation Services
  • Italian Translation Services
  • Latvian Translation Services
  • Portuguese Translation Services
  • Romanian Translation Services
  • Serbian Translation Services
  • Slovakian Translation Services
  • Spanish Translation Services
  • Asian Languages such as:
  • Azerii Translation Services
  • Chinese translation Services
  • Dari Translation Services
  • Farsi Translation Services
  • Japanese Translation Services
  • Korean Translation Services
  • Russian Translation Services
  • Turkish Translation Services
  • Tagalog Translation Services
  • Urdu Translation Services
  • Uzbek Translation Services

Why you choose us for legal certified translation services in Dubai & Other Alahly:

No doubt, you people require legal translation services that are accredited and approved by the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, all other Government authorities, Embassies & Consulates. We provide the best document translation services that legally satisfy all mentioned above. We ensure that our legal translation experts deliver you quick and high-quality service. The legal translation will be entirely scrutinized and proofread by highly professional proofreaders. Our Legal Translation Company Dubai will assign a dedicated accounts manager to you to coordinate with you. Our all legal translation providers are native and are well conversant with the intricacies, rules, regulations & requirements of every authority. Don’t fret; you people are safe with our legal translation services in Dubai. The team of legal translation UAE delivers you 100% acceptable legal translation in Dubai & for other Alahly.

Legal Translation Company in Dubai Working with all Document Types! 

No matter the type of legal document you required, our legal translators have the experience needed to work with your project. Also, the professional legal translation Company in Dubai has expert engineers who can work with all types of electronic file extensions and even convert them for accurate translation purposes.

Why would there be a need for certified legal translation in UAE?

Legal certified translation is essential since legal jargon is not universal and is intrinsically affected by the many differences, cultures, and countries across the globe. That’s the patent reason why most legal organizations especially in the Middle East need to hire legal translators.

Yes, by hiring certified legal translators in Dubai, the international lawyers will be able to prevent any kind of misunderstanding, which can lead to expensive repercussions down the line. Experts said that not everyone can do the respective job correctly. This is why you have to hire the best legal translation company in Dubai that comes with the best legal translators.

What is the difference between certified and notarized legal translation?

Certified Legal Translation:

certified translation is referred to by the translator or the language service provider (LSP) who has issued a signed statement declaring that the translation that has been done is an accurate and true representation of the original document. Certified translation is said to be more accurate than simple translations that native speakers do.

Normally, certified translations are needed when submitting legal documents. These documents included:

Marriage, death, or birth certificates

Adoption agreements

Supporting documents for immigration

Court transcripts

service agreements or business contracts

And all the documents that are not well written in the official language of the country where the documents are to be submitted

Notarized Translations:

legal notarized translation is said to be less about quality control and more about following official procedures. The government authorizes a person to oversee and even authenticate various legal formalities, including notarized translations. This person is referred to as a notary. Remember that education-based documents such as high school transcripts or foreign diplomas typically require notarized translations.

How to get quality legal translation services in Dubai?

The answer is depending on your translation requirements and the language you need for your project. We recommended you hire the best legal translation company that comes up with a proficient translator. Before hiring any legal translation agency, you should make sure that their legal translators are linguistically proficient. You can hire Alahly translation who delivers the best Legal Translation Services in Dubai since they have a deep understanding of the legal content. And, this legal translation company of UAE delivers timely and exact translations within the promised deadlines.